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LyrN claims to be an effective supplement for women. It is able to increase your libido and to raise your mood preparing you to a sexual activity. Nowadays a lot of women experience low libido which causes problems in their personal life. But LyrN is here to help you in solving this problem. Is it really so?

Let's check how safe and effective this supplement is. LyrN has been produced by the unknown company which is the main disadvantage of this product.

LyrN has been created by the reproductive health experts who claim that it can affect sexual arousal in women. By the way, we don't know the producer of LyrN. This is one of the most serious drawbacks of this product. Usually a lack of dopamine which is responsible for many functions in your body influences your desire to have sex. LyrN claims to offer your body L-Dopa, which plays an active role in the production of dopamine. The aim of this review is to check whether the product can really provide you with the benefits it promises or it can do nothing to relieve all unpleasant side effects of your menopause period.

Let's start our research from the ingredients' list which can reveal the LyrN principle of work and answer the key question you must ask yourself before choosing it:" How safe and efficient LyrN is?"

Let's have a closer look at the ingredients' list to have a clear picture of LyrN principle of work.

LyrN has a short list of ingredients. It consists of five active ingredients:

1. L-arginine - an amino acid which is used commonly for healthy circulation improving blood flow through the whole body affecting the erogenous zones too. As a result, vagina and clitoris sensitivity significantly improves and you are going to get overall satisfaction.

2. Maca - is used as a booster of sexual drive both in men and in women. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that it is 100% effective.

3. Epimedium - an aphrodisiac which has been used to improve libido but according to some studies it is not always efficient. Sometimes it can be helpful but there is no medical research that can prove its effectiveness. Due to unknown reasons it failed to work according to the reports of some users.

4. Damiana - has similar effect as the first ingredient L-arginine. It also claims to give you overall satisfaction by increasing blood flow throughout the body.

5. Yohimbine extract - an aphrodisiac which has been used to improve your libido and sexual drive. However, this ingredient is not safe and it is well-known that it can cause such side effects like high blood pressure and difficulty breathing.

As we have already seen from the ingredients' list not all ingredients that have been used in LyrN are enough powerful to work as the product claims. According to the reports of those women who have already used LyrN, such negative side effects as an allergic reaction, increased blood pressure, headache and other unpleasant side effects have been mentioned.

Let's discover what customers of LyrN think after purchasing it:

"I have bought LyrN to improve my sexual life as I noticed that I had some problems in this sphere but nothing happened to me after using it for some period of time. I decided that it was just a waste of money and stopped taking it as I started experiencing an allergic reaction which was harmful for my health."

"Don't repeat my mistake and go to the doctor before buying LyrN which is really unsafe. I had experienced really serious side effects caused by its ingredient Yohimbe. It is better to choose another supplement which has been produced by some famous company and approved by the FDA."

"I don't want to use LyrN any more because I didn't feel any changes in my libido as well as no improvement in my overall satisfaction. Once it seemed to me that it worked a bit but I started experiencing severe side effects like rapid heart beat and high blood pressure that I decided to stop using it to stay on the safe side! I recommend you to consult your pharmacist before choosing this supplement!"

LyrN can be found at the official website and some other online retail stores. Among them there are such well-known websites like Amazon and eBay. LyrN price is about $59.95 for one bottle which will be enough for one month.

After careful examination of LyrN, I'd like to conclude that this product can't be considered to be a great women's sexual booster. It is true that it includes natural ingredients but the problem is that most of them are possibly unsafe causing serious side effects. The most dangerous is Yohimbe which has been even banned in some countries. Yohimbe can lead to such severe side effects as irregular heart beat, seizure, heart attack, difficulty breathing and high blood pressure. There is no medical research provided which can prove that the product is completely safe for use and the fact of its effectiveness arises doubts as well.

There are many more efficient products today that you can choose safer female enhancement supplement.

You should remember that many products of this kind are really unsafe and can cause adverse effects. LyrN can't be recommended as a successful formula which uses only side effects free combination of ingredients which work as the product claims. If LyrN even offers some benefits of getting satisfaction, then it provides you with really harmful adverse effects too.

Would you like to pay not a cheap price for a supplement which is not unique and new but causing dangerous side effects? I think your answer will be negative! Look for the more effective supplement which can offer you some guarantee that it is completely safe for your health and only then use it.