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It can be extremely difficult to get rid of your belly but it necessary to do because this zone is a predictor of such dangerous diseases as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance, and even cancer. You can try diet and exercise but sometimes they do not work. What are the factors that determine belly growth? First of all, these are genetics, hormones and age. Fat around the waist tends to form when a person is constantly subjected to stress a major cause. This kind of fat increases the risk of a stroke and high blood pressure. It's a pity but it is also hard to shift even with the help of special exercise programs.

Our bodies react to danger very quickly. When you are in danger, your brain stimulates the production of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Many years ago, a man, just like a wild animal, could flee or fight if threatened. At this moment the human body used to provide instant energy for 5-10 minutes. Nowadays, we live under constant life-threatening stress and our body reacts in the same way. As a result, our cortisol levels are too high which leads to the increased appetite, as our body thinks that we need energy. Usually in stressful situations we crave for carbohydrates and fats which immediately provide energy. But as we do not run anywhere these calories are stored in the form of belly fat.

Let us come back to our hormones which are drastically influenced by stressful conditions. But hormones are also responsible for belly fat in women even if they are not in danger. For this reason, in order to lose fat a woman may need both a hormonal balance and caloric deficit. The main women's hormones are: insulin, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. The major fat burning hormones are called the catecholamines. These hormones always work in combination. For instance, cortisol and insulin are linked to high testosterone and low progesterone and/or estrogen. Such a combination leads to storing belly fat.

Sufficient levels of estrogen do not allow excess calories to be stored on your belly. Cortisol is associated with stress and results in higher amounts of belly fat. Catecholamines (noradrenaline and adrenaline) are produced during intense exercise and possess fat burning properties. Low testosterone levels in men result in larger bellies, but they have an opposite effect with women if estrogen levels are alright. There are many supplements which intend to help you fight against belly fat. One of them is called FB Buster. It is the newest diet product that burns fat.

According to manufacturer, FB Buster provides terrific weight loss results due to its main ingredient - extract of coleus forskohlii. It is pure natural forskolin belonging to the mint family. This compound works by enhancing the release of cyclic AMP, or cAMP. The latter increases the ability of heart muscle to contract which improves the process of converting fat into usable energy by the liver. According to the studies, forskolin stimulates thermogenesis that enhances fat loss without the need for hormones.

FB Buster is manufactured by a well-known reputable company that is known for producing other products of the kind. This dietary supplement comprises high-rate natural weight loss ingredients which are properly combined in the formula to supply your body with essential nutrients. Here are some of the active ingredients of the supplement: Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, Fennel seeds, Buckthorn roots, Aloe observara and Flaxseed gas.

Forskolin Extract (coleus forskohlii) is a completely natural extract that is derived from the Plectranthus Barbatus plant root. It is used for many purposes nowadays and is a main ingredient in the best weight-loss supplements. This plant has been used for hundreds of years for its numerous medicinal and health benefits in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. But only recently the researchers and scientists have found out that Forskolin Extract has a fat burning effect and promotes weight loss with no need to dramatically change the diet and to exercise.

Forskolin Extract promotes weight loss by stimulating the release of adenylate cyclase or cAMP. It is an enzyme that beneficially contributes to the cellular functionality. cAMP is well-known for its ability to activate hormones which cause fat burning mechanisms in the human body. Since cAMP is naturally exists within the body, you can lose extra weight without the risk of side effects for your health. Beside weight loss promotion, Forskolin Extract is known for many other health benefits.

FB Buster is a natural and effective fat-burning supplement. Due to its natural character, the product can hardly cause any side effects or adverse reactions. A great number of studies have been conducted to prove safety and effectiveness of the supplement. Most of these studies were made on forskolin, the main ingredient in the product. It was proven to have a positive effect on weight loss which makes its usage very promising. The compound does help to lose weight which can be concluded from thousands of testimonials from happy users.

Speaking about FB Buster side effects, it is necessary to say that this product is surprisingly free from side effects. Other weight-loss supplements usually have some minor side effects due to the content of coffee extract, for example, which causes jittery feelings. But forskolin turns out to be free from side effects, however, it is not recommended to pregnant or nursing women, as well as patients taking blood thinning medications. FB Buster is safe for most people. Besides, its main ingredient is considered to be a legitimate weight loss product.

True Forskolin supplement contains 125mg of Ppure Forskolin Extract per capsule and does not contain any artificial fillers or ingredients. A legitimate product is manufactured in the United States of America. If your forskolin product does not meet these requirements, it may be unsafe to use. Further you are offered a few users' reviews about the supplement.

"FB Buster works quite well and I have started to lose fat within the last three weeks. I plan to continue taking the product because I can see real results."

"It is an awesome product. I started taking FB Buster on the 7 of Nov, 2015, and I have lost 8 pounds of fat and 1 inch on my waist since then. I feel great and do not suffer from any adverse reactions."

"My order arrived just as described and in a timely manner. I am going to buy FB Buster from this vendor again because I really liked the service. I would recommend the product to others."

FB Buster is the product offered by the only authorized forskolin dealer in the USA. It means that the supplement is worth your attention and can be trusted. Besides, there are numerous legitimate reviews on the Internet left by true customers.

FB Buster offers a few health benefits. The supplement removes body fat, boosts immune system, increases metabolic rate and blood circulation, as well as helps you get lean muscle mass. The product also prevents you from strict dieting and getting involved in exhausting exercises in order to reduce weight. It also helps to live a healthy way of life.

FB Buster is easy to consume on a regular basis because this weight loss formula is available in a pill form. For details read the label attached to the product. Follow the directions how to use and what dose of the formula to choose.

FB Buster is a natural product that is formulated with natural components. It works to reduce body fat and weight. You are expected to see quick results and achieve fitness goals efficiently. Natural substances of the formula work together to bring quick results via the process of thermogenesis which results in weight loss. However, the product is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, as well as for people taking severe medications or who are under 18 years. Taking into consideration all pros and cons of the product, I can certainly advise you to try FB Buster because it is really effective and safe.

FB Buster is not available at retail stores; it can be purchased online from its official website. You can opt for a risk free trail offer to check how the product can reduce body weight. You can buy one bottle for $53.98, while two bottle cost $104.97. Three bottles of the product can be purchased for $144.95. You cannot buy it via Amazon, GNC or Walmart.